Monday 26 April 2010

Lalit Modi: a prediction

Before he posted what might become the most expensive tweet in history, a friend and I were discussing Lalit Modi. It had been bugging me who he reminded me of, and then I realised: it was Don King.

Not physically or in matters of style, but they're the same under the skin. So here's a prediction: there's about as much chance of Lalit walking away from the IPL without a fight as there was of Don King letting someone else promote the heavyweight champion of the world.

Here's a good Don story to be going on with. Can't remember exactly who the boxer was, but it was from the 'lost' pre-Tyson era of Tim Witherspoon, Greg Page, Pinklon Thomas etc. The fighter was defending the heavyweight championship. Don joined him in his limo to the fight, telling him tales of all the money they were going to make together in the next few years. He felt great. Then he entered the ring, and after a hard fight, got knocked out. The first thing he remembered seeing when he opened his eyes, still flat on his back in the corner, was Don King stepping over him to get to the winner. 'I came with the champ and I left with the champ,' Don said.


Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

He probably will have correct it a little bit.

I came as a chimp and I left like a Chimp


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