Sunday 20 December 2009

Poetry corner

So farewell then, Ian Bell

'I want to bat number three'

That was your catchphrase.


Rob said...

You are making the classic mistake: assuming that the England selectors have any judgement or sense. He will be there at Durban.

The Old Batsman said...

You're probably right. I see that Gilo's over there, making sure that the Warwickshire quota is up scratch...

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I'm a Warwickshire man and even I can't defend Bell. He had nothing to gain in the 2nd innings but the damage was done in the 1st innings(and most of the previous 49 tests).

After 50 tests he has had more than a fair crack of the whip, he will be there for the remaining 3 tests and it is unlikely that another batsman will be called up unless there is an injury.

I'd say Flower and Strauss might be hoping a batsman turns up for training with a tight hamstring next week to give them the chance to call up some cover without it looking like they have no confidence in Bell.

After that (non) shot he might well find himself in the Owais Shah boat, where the decision to get rid of you may already have been taken no matter what you produce during the rest of the series.

That was what I believe happened to Shah at the end of the Aussie ODI series, he might have thought his Champions Trophy performance against South Africa would guarantee him his place on this tour, but I'd guess he was goner even before they went to the CT.

The same fate may well await Bell, and in my opinion it should. Surely they can't go on waiting for him to come good any longer.

In the past Geoff Miller has always came out with the old bull that these are the best batsmen in the country, giving the impression that he didn't rate any county players to step up to the mark.

Now with the potential shown by Eoin Morgan in the ODI's he surely can't keep rolling out that mantra any longer..

The Old Batsman said...

Is it 50 tests already? Blimey. He's a lucky boy.

Ceci said...

Ashley Giles was interviewed during the Test match and was at great pains to point out that the selection of the team was down to Strauss and Flower. I didn't believe him even just a little bit

John Holmes said...

"Bell steadies England.."
"Bell rises to the occasion.."
"Bell sets the tone.."
"Bell rings true.."

Er, none of the above, sadly.

Our expectations are greatly-diminished, and he still falls well below them !

Rob said...

It's not Bell's fault, its the selectors:

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Ceci, maybe it is the case that even Giles is trying to distance himself from having anything to do with the selection of Bell now.

It could be a 'don't blame me guv' remark.

The Old Batsman said...

Rob, that looks like the health chart of someone with swine flu...

Have blogrolled you too - didn't realise you weren't on... apologies!