Wednesday 11 November 2009


'I don't think it's a squad sitting there hoping desperately hoping other people turn up... Kev [Pietersen]'s just going to add to that. You never know, he might even have to fight for his place' - Graeme Swann.

England all out 89, 17.3 overs, 75 minutes.


vim said...

That comment by the Gobster was hilarious.

Will we be getting these Swannviews the whole way through the tour?

Thiru Cumaran said...

oh swanny....u performed well, bt pls don't disgrace urself by talkin' on behalf of the team! :D

Ceci said...

Infinitely prefer the Swannstuff to "take the positives" "right areas" rubbish spouted by most of the England team

Mark said...

At the moment Swann is displaying a 'refreshing honesty' when confronted with a microphone or tape recorder.

That could very easily tip over into the realms of 'irritating rentaquote-itis' pretty soon.

The Old Batsman said...

Yes, we've got to stick with Swanny for now - he's not jumped the shark yet.

am still reeling from Jimmy Anderson's superb twittered description of the man though - 'The camp Bruce Forsyth'. I don't think any of us will better that for a while...

Betfree247 said...

Cricket Tragic, talking on behalf of the team is Colly's job these days, Swann's just the unofficial trainee spokesman.

Colly's never out of the media too long these days, thought by now he'd be letting his cricket do the talking!

err, yes. Say no more.

Although I was amused by his comment that the 89 all out was "just a blip", suppose he forgot to add the words "yet another" in the sentence somewhere.

Still, finding Swann's comments funny and a refreshing difference - for the moment!