Tuesday 18 August 2009

Ash for questions

A good and very necessary piece by Mike Selvey in the Guardian today on the invidious position of Ashley Giles, England's most compromised selector.

Selvey ascribes lashings of integrity to Giles, yet if he was as unimpeachable as claimed he would have withdrawn from the job as soon as he became an employee of Warwickshire. 

The truth is, Giles is ambitious, and the dual role suits his purpose. Selvey sets out an excellent blueprint for the criteria of becoming a selector [no, it's not just being a middling spinner who bats a bit]. One other addition would help: an online register at the ECB website, viewable by all, of every match watched by every selector. 

After all, there's nothing to hide, is there?

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Ceci said...

Ooo thanks for the pointer to this piece OB, enjoyed it - but totally infuriated by the wank and drivel in the comments