Friday, 10 July 2009

Andrew Flintoff: Urn shaped

On Sunday, Paul Hayward said Andrew Flintoff was 'a country charging in to bowl, a culture brandishing a bat'. But that was before he got Phil Hughes out

'Flintoff is the Ashes in human form. The story flows through him like the Taff streams through Cardiff'.

Simon Barnes didn't think Freddie was the human Ashes though.

'Sometimes Flintoff will turn himself into a Rodin statue, holding a vigorous pose to indicate extremes of emotion. There he stood, legs planted wide, head bowed, hands clasping head: Freddie Agonistes'.

What will the righteous Andrew be if he actually you know, gets more than 30-odd and a wicket?

Doubtless the lads will keep us posted...

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