Friday 20 February 2009

Joy of Six: The new language of cricket

The Atheist is at his arch best on the subject of Dolphins vs Cobras and Warriors vs Eagles, otherwise known as domestic cricket in South Africa. 

Dolphins, Cobras, Warriors and Eagles are 'franchises' that 'exist' with the aim of producing 'stronger top tier sides'. 

Given the position of the national team, you could argue that the structure has worked. But the names... The marketeers are here, boys, and they're not going away.

This month's Wisden Cricketer comes with the Good Gear guide, which adds to the new language of selling cricket bats. We've had the neologisms of bat brands: Heros and Icons, Ignites and Kahunas, and now the macho, hard-on, big-boy business of shifting them: 'enlarged sweetspot', 'maximum response', 'massive wood'. 

Feeling horny yet? Wallet opening like a desert flower?

NB: Also on fire was Jrod, saying all that was worth saying about the Antigua Test.


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