Friday 23 January 2009

Harmi available: IPL officially saved

Lalit my friend, relax. Kick off your shoes. Pour yourself a drink. It's friday night, and your work here is done. After three months of exhaustive negotiations with the ECB, you've cracked it. Yes, Steve Harmison is available for the IPL.

You might want to drop the franchises an email though, just a heads up so they don't go wasting their salary-cap on bowlers ranked inside the ICC Top 100 ODI ratings, or on anyone who hasn't retired from limited overs cricket because they don't like touring, or on anyone who's played more than two Twenty20 Internationals.

Expect a call from Mumbai Indians, Lalit, because they brought in Zaheer Khan from Bangalore before the news broke, and that can't be fair. 

Let's face it, getting Virender Sehwag to admit he couldn't stop hitting Harmi for four even when he wanted to is never going to work, is it. They'll all want him, and that's an end to it. 

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