Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Guest post with the Bored ones...

Have done a little thing with the BCCI boys, thanks to Naked Cricket...:

As Rahul Dravid was adding the last few of his 12, 314 Test match runs over in West Indies, it was interesting to watch the volume of ‘advice’ from Indian fans that came streaming through the Twitter feed.

If you’d never seen Dravid bat and instead formed an opinion of him from these screams from cyberspace, you might have pictured a timid schoolboy who’d been dragged unwillingly to the crease, where he was now cowering somewhere between the stumps and square leg bent only on surviving the remorseless onslaught of Darren Sammy, rather than the imposing, infinitely skilled player that he is.

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diogenes said...

good for you! The indian fans tend to be rabid...but they do have a great team to support. However, India have always struggled in English conditions to make any superiority clear-cut. maybe this will be the time. Dravid has shown he can bat in England.
Tendulkar too and, to a lesser extent, VVS. It should be an intriguing contest as lkong as Tremlett and Bresnan get picked ahead of Broad.