Saturday, 12 March 2011

Random Observations Up To And Including Match 29

No-one, surely to god, can ever have been a better player than Sachin Tendulkar.

Behind most successful batsmen there's Kamram Akmal.

Jacques Kallis's hair transplant has sprouted better than Michael Vaughan's.

Kieron Pollard can hit it miles one-handed.

Ross Taylor didn't get enough credit for his batting against Pakistan, however bad the bowling. His use of the crease was a lesson.

Robin Jackman discovers the value of research [whilst commentating on the Netherlands]: 'The bloke at cover just dropped it'; 'Yes, I mean you, number seven'.

Johan Botha's action hasn't exactly improved with time.

Someone's making up this 2.5m thing as they go along, aren't they?

You don't stand much chance with caught behind reviews without snicko or hotspot.

Jimmy Anderson can't remember that you're supposed to bowl yorkers at the end of an innings.

Are Australia still out there?

Graeme Smith knows that South Africa don't choke.

We're halfway through now, aren't we?

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John Halliwell said...

Akmal - a wonderful observation