Monday, 28 September 2009

Call off the sex

Rest easy, WAGS of India. Sleep soundly. It wasn't Gary Kirsten  who put out the booty call

It reminded me of a story that a heavyweight boxer once told me. His trainer was vehemently anti fighters having sex in the weeks before a fight. He said that rather than increase aggression it reduced it, and released too many feel-good hormones. 

This boxer was something of a ladies man, and he had a new girlfriend. The ban was driving him and her crazy. His girlfriend made it her mission to break the ban. She tried everything, and one night, he cracked. Next day in the gym, he had to start his session with a few rounds on the pads with his trainer.

After no more than two punches, the trainer stopped him.

'You had sex last night, didn't you?' he said.

'Yeah,' the boxer fessed up. 'I did. How the hell did you know?'

'Felt the difference straight away,' the trainer said. 'Your legs are weak'. 

So ended his pre-fight misadventures...


Brit said...

We diss the journos frequently here, so let's give some credit where it's due:

"...the dossier had also brought some surprise in [Kirsten's] native South Africa, where his successful career as an opening batsman is celebrated for its stupefying earnestness.


scorpicity said...

It just goes to show that there are so many scums in the Indian team who got around to leak it. Probably for some money.

Forget the effigies, find the rat and make him barbecue.

Brit said...

They do love a good bit of effigy-burning on the subcontinent, don't they?